The Mighty Pecan

The Mighty Pecan

Found this old giant on a day hike today. The trail is located at a county park, which is built on an old farmstead dating back to the 1700’s. I’m not sure why, but this old tree spoke to me. How old is it? How long had it been here, and was it a part of the original farm? There were two other pecan trees, sort of in a row, so I am guessing at one time it might have been a pecan orchard. There were also numerous grapevines, some even on old fence. How neat to have lived back then, surviving on what your farm provided. This tree seemed to have a soul all its own. It had limbs that touched the sky and leaves that seemed to shine and dance in the sunlight. I’m not sure how I became obsessed with big, ancient trees…..but it is a good obsession to have.


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