One of the best parts of being an ambulatory equine vet technician (fancy, ain’t it?), is traveling all over the great state of North Carolina and seeing different farms. This one caught my eye yesterday. In the middle of nowhere, close to the VA line, down a long gravel drive, is this beauty.


The entire farm is a hand-me-down from the current owner’s great-grandfather. The house and grounds date back to the 1800’s, but the barn is new.  However, it still seemed to keep the same essence and character of the whole farm. It is not fancy, but sturdy. The shape of an L, with one section for stalls, the other for tack, feed, and equipment. The aisle is wide enough to pass two horses through with room to spare. It just had a neat vibe!


And the coolest part? It was this beauty, one of the original horse carts used on the farm. It is just sitting at the end of an aisle, waiting to be admired. I’m guessing the basket above was used to carry tobacco, but I’m not positive. The main crop in that area appeared to be tobacco from our drive up.


What barn isn’t complete without a weather-vane? It was a perfect way to top the barn off, and a great day of memories.


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