The Forgotten

The Forgotten

I am absolutely obsessed with anything old, expecially houses and buildings, but y’all know that! This guy has me beat! He has taken that love and turned it into Needless to say, this gal is in heaven! How can such wonderful pieces of history an architecture be lost and abandoned? Doesn’t anyone have any emotional attachment to their family’s home, or in this case historical talisman? I often wonder the situations around the negect and abandonment. Take the Mattamuskeet Lodge pictured on his website. What an amazing building and history it has! Not only was it the largest pumping station in the world in 1915, it was reopened in 1937 as one of the premier hunting lodges, AND it seems to be on the historical register. Now how in heaven can a place that has seen so much be left to the wolves. Maybe that is what is wrong with todays society, not learning from the past. At any rate, it is fascinating, at least to me. 

Here is more great info on the Mattamuskeet Lodge:


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