A Few

As the days are growing shorter, the weather cooler, and horses getting fuzzier, I find myself thinking more and more about the little things in life. I stop and watch the gorgeous sunsets of the season. The one below was last weekend while I was farmsitting. How lovely it is to just stand and watch the watercolors melt together and slowly fade, almost deliciously. 




Also, tis the season for fabulous dark beers! I cant’t get enough of stouts and porters, with their caramel and chocolate undertones. A brewery near my parents is serving a gingerbread stout! Why yes, I think I will;)





One thought on “A Few

  1. Linda Goodwin says:

    Love to stand an listen to my foxes conversing in the woods before daylight each morning! This morning they were chattering up a storm, and two mornings ago they were have a SERIOUS disagreement. Love my foxes!

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