Laburnum House

This is two blocks over from my parents block. I had noticed the building before, on my daily walks with my ruffs whenever I visit home. It seemed out of place……from another time. My mom confirmed it though. It used to be plantation type home, named Laburnum.


How sad! It currently is empty (hell yes I peeked in the windows!), and a part of a community college campus. I believe it was once used as administration offices, but upon looking in the windows, it stands barren. It looks dejected, how grand it must have been as a residence!


Of course I had to take a picture of the once (and still!), grand entrance. Just imagine walking up those stairs!


The front entrance columns made me feels like a dwarf in Lord of thd Rings. And the detail in EVERYTHING was amazing.


Why aren’t buildings of today this impressive?


It was a little hard to find any information on the house, but I did find this article. It was purchased by Joseph Bryan in 1890, and it is not the original Laburnum House. Here is more about the house, and a sister house of the same era called Brook Hill.

Also, here is more information about the Bryan family.



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