Asheboro, NC

This past weekend was GORGEOUS, so The Man and I decided to head to the NC Zoological Park in Asheboro, NC. It isn’t too far of a drive, and we could be out getting some vitamin D!


But alas, when we got to the gate it was closed! The ice storms earlier in the week had taken a toll, and there was too much tree damage to allow visitors. Damn! Well, we got free tickets to come back, good for a year.

Since we drove an hour to get there, we decided to explore Asheboro. We looked up local breweries, but it is a dry county. We did find the start of one, Four Saints Brewery, but it lacked funding and is fighting the city to have rights to sell alcohol. Another disappointment.


I took that as a sign that not much was going on in Asheboro, but it did have some great buildings…..most abandoned.




It at one point, seemed to have a future. A center street lined with shops, and a textile mill located nearby. All too familiar of a typical Southern town…to me anyway. The Man seemed a bit stunned about the lack of anything.



At any rate, it was gorgeous weather, and we got to spend some time enjoying it.


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