Up, Up and Away!

I just got back from our annual “Girl Cousins Only Hiking Trip.” We started it three years ago, and I never realized what a tradition it would become! My sister is an intern in Colorado this year, so we figured it would be easier to hike out there. I have to say, this trip was by far the most demanding. With daily hail storms, a first day 7-mile ascent, and a sighting of a whole moose family including a calf, this trip was by far the most demanding yet rewarding. Yes, you heard correctly. Seven freaking miles of straight ascending. Yikes. Even though it was tough, I wouldn’t have changed a damn thing! Hope you enjoy the pics, the quality isn’t so great, I apologize.

The trailhead


Halfway up the first ascent



Our campsite froze the first night! Our tent flys were stiff with frost. Cold but pretty:)


Halfway up Cottonwood Pass



Campsite the second night


The End!



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