This white washed brick caught my attention in the abandoned farmhouse. Think of all the hands that have touched it, what would it say?



Blue Again

Driving down the road today, The Man and I spotted an abandoned farmhouse in the woods. Of course, I asked him to stop! Every room inside was a different shade of turquoise, my favorite color! Here are some interesting pictures of what I saw.






I am known as the Queen of Creepy. At least I used to be! In my former life, I was a nanny, and one of my favorite activities with my chickadees was to go visit this “Creepy House.” It just so happens I pass by it to and from work, and I decided to take a picture of so-called Creepy House today as I passed by. The girls and I used to come up with stories and history of the people that lived there, but in reality we knew nothing. How can a house and farm just sit abandoned, doesn’t anyone love or care for it?