On The Fence (again)

As I was walking up to feed the barn this morning, I noticed something on the fence boards.


Upon looking closer, I saw the most beautiful sight! It seems that tiny snowflakes had individually attached themselves to the fence.


As I looked even closer, I could see the individual beauty of each one. One singular one stood out to me, as it resembled a tree!


How fascinating is Nature, to create these!

Golden (Glow)be

This Autumn has been amazing for colors! I don’t remember it being so pretty before, and I am not sure of the reason. Is it the wet summer we had, or the late indian summer weather? The pictures I have taken don’t seem to do the colors justice.



One last dandelion stands alone in the pasture.  


Even my Dixie Chicks are enjoying the warm autumn days. 


The pasture is mainly lined with big pine trees, but a few flaming colors stand out. At dusk, everything seems to bask in a golden glow. I wish this season would never end! The long, dark days of winter are ahead and I am so not looking forward to them.