On our travels to Florida, The Man was really excited to show me one of his favorite places, Blue Springs State Park. It has a natural hot spring, which manatees travel up from the St. John’s River to bask in the warm water. Also in the park are huge live oaks, surrounding this old (and supposedly haunted) plantation house. I have such a strong affinity for these giants, think of all the sights they have seen!

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Thursby House





How cool is this old barn? I saw it at work last Thursday, and it is a part of a very old North Carolina Plantation called Fairntosh. I love it when business mixes with history, and my love of old barns😉

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An even better website on the history and pictures of Fairntosh:



Gentle Giants

Gentle Giants

Is there anything more Southern than a plantation and live oak? I cannot describe to you how enormous the live oaks are in Louisiana. To think of all the sights, people, and experiences these grandiose, gentle beings have been through is amazing. They have a soul, a life. These trees seem connected to the surrounding environment. It’s almost as if they are a family member of the plantation they belong to. Sometimes, the lower branches have touched the ground for so long, that earth has covered them up, only to have the limb reappear. The trunks are as wide as a car, and that’s impressive. A passerby feels tiny, and looking up through the massive limbs you can barely see the sunlight. Yet they are comforting, their souls telling their story.