Blue Again

Driving down the road today, The Man and I spotted an abandoned farmhouse in the woods. Of course, I asked him to stop! Every room inside was a different shade of turquoise, my favorite color! Here are some interesting pictures of what I saw.






The Church

Walking around my parents neighborhood at Thanksgiving, I came across this neat church. A stone plaque built in the corner of it said 1920, so I assume that is that date it was erected. Again, my eyes were drawn to the doors of the building. 



I loved everything about these doors! They seemed strong, yet inviting. I guess that seems the point of doors on a church. To invite people in, but to keep the unwanted evil out.



The building had all these great details, like the windows above the main door.


It was castle-esque…..if that is even possible. 


On an addition, were some more great doors. These seemed more inviting than the main doors to the chapel, maybe because of the glass. You can see both ways, which is interesting for a door… me anyway. Most doors, like the entrance, seems to keep people out. Funny thing, doors. They have multiple purposes and meanings……my fascination continues!